Do you need to return something?

  • Pack it well
  • Pack everything carefully and take your time. Take out any labels or barcodes that are no longer needed from the shipping container.
  • Please fill out the return form
  • Complete the return form and place it in the shipping box. 
  • You cannot print the return form. Instead, send an informal letter.
  • A forwarding agency delivered the product? Contact our customer service
  • Download the return label
  • Print the return label, attach it to your shipping box, or download it onto your smartphone to take it to the post office.
  • Get the return label for your country by clicking
  • Send the package to the post office
  • We will confirm via email that your return has been processed successfully.
  • The payment method used to make we will refund the purchase.

Warranty claims - We will solve them!

Contact our customer service.

"We" refers to 1-2oomany along with you. We want to find a solution together. We need a detailed description of your problem and a photo or video to help us do this. We would love to hear your preferred solution.

Return without label

Please contact our customer service if your country is not listed in the table.