Information about data handling

We are delighted that you are interested in our website and our company. We are committed to protecting your privacy and freedoms. Your data is only used for the intended purposes. We want you to know the extent to which we collect, use, and, if required, transfer your data. Therefore, we will inform you about processing your personal data (collected via this website).

You can access our pages without providing data in principle. We will discuss any exceptions with selected services in the following chapters. Without your consent, we will not use data without a legal basis.

We strictly follow the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection regulations when processing personal data.

The privacy policy should be updated on a timely basis.

We use the Cloud Service to ensure we have the most up-to-date data protection information concerning our website's services.

Data subjects have rights.

The Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), provides extensive rights to data subjects. We will discuss these rights below regarding the processing of your data.

Information is your right

This specification applies in particular to the following data processing details: the processing operation's purpose.

Data types

  • If needed, the recipient or recipients can be identified.
  • The storage time or criteria used to determine this length can be provided if necessary.
  • Information about the right to correct, delete, restrict or object
  • Existence of a right to appeal to a supervisory body
  • If possible, the origin of data (if it is not already collected from you),
  • Automated decision-making, including profiling and meaningful information about the logic involved and the expected effects.
  • Transfer to an international organization or third country if necessary (To deliver your shipment) 

The right to rectification

  • We will immediately correct any incorrect data if we are informed.
  • Information about the data processing on this website
  • This information applies to all data processing that takes place on our website. These sections will detail any exceptions or additions.

Information about data security

We protect your data from unauthorized persons through appropriate technical and organizational measures. To protect your data, we have implemented SSL encryption (SHA256). Although we do make every effort to protect your data, it is impossible to guarantee that all risks are being addressed.

Legal basis for processing

Personal data are processed according to the GDPR specifications, depending on their type and purpose.

Our legitimate interest

GDPR is based upon the performance of business activities to maintain our operability and protect employees' employment.

General deadlines for data deletion

The retention period after the storage purpose is usually at least six to ten years. The deletion of data is generally done following our deletion plan. It does not preclude any obligation or legitimate interest to retain data.

Personal data can be deleted or blocked.

Your data is only kept for the purpose it was intended for. We will delete your data as soon as the goal has been fulfilled and any retention periods have expired. If it is impossible to delete the data, We will block them.